Shadow Wine Bar, Northbridge, Western Australia

Shadow Wine bar sits behind the frontage of a former National bank building in Perth’s nightlife and cultural centre of Northbridge. The internal fit out transforms a raw off form concrete shell into a moody yet inviting restaurant and bar, with dual access off a rear laneway.

Keeping the integrity of the existing space was paramount to the project and oversized, mild steel trusses were utilised in the main dining area to create a dramatic framework from which lighting could be suspended. The trusses take on a sculptural quality end draw focus to the height of the space. A soft half-light bounces across the high ceilings with angular shadows thrown in all directions.

Fittings and fixtures throughout have been kept simple with dark stained timber, galvanised steel and mild steel used throughout to giving the space a tactile and raw sense of materiality. Curtains are theatrically draped along a double height wall to the main dining space providing sound attenuation and adding a sense of softness to the space.